Access control

Access control

Access control systems provide you with the security you need in today’s business environment as well as multi-residential communities by limiting access to unauthorized visitors. Our security access control systems can effectively address all your security and safety concerns from a single site to multiple locations all controlled locally or remotely.

Key Fobs

Proximity Card and key fobs allow access by presenting themselves to the proximity reader which use contactless authorization to enter authorized doors.

Touchless entry

Simply wave your hand in front of the reader with your phone to unlock the door – no contact necessary. Readers use a combination of Bluetooth along with your movement to instantly recognize your mobile credential.

Garage Entry

Radio Frequency Reader solutions offers an advanced infrared reader which can be operated from up to 20 feet to grant access for garage entry.

Biometric readers

The highest level of security available today, we use persons finger print or facial recognition to grant access onto the premises.

Features and Capabilities

  • Alarm notifications upon doors left opened
  • Fingerprint and face recognition solutions
  • Limit access to specific areas and doors to only authorized users
  • Locally or remotely, enable or revoke access rights with a stroke of a keyboard
  • · Provide convenience for users to enter premises via their smartphone
  • Real time monitoring control of every entry and exit points
  • Restriction to floors through elevator control
  • Track specific users and visitors within the facility instantly

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